Ricerca e formazione socialeExtrafondente

Specializes in social research, training and participatory planning in key areas of social policy:

Extrafondente works at the national and European levels for both public and private organizations.


Extrafondente is a partnership between two leading professionals, Marina Pirazzi and Laura Pozzoli, who both have significant experience in Italy and internationally. Our expertise is available to public and private organizations as practical support in their research, training and project planning. We work for a fair society in which all people have the opportunity to be who they are and actively participate in society. We work to include the excluded, minorities and the other by recognizing the importance of negotiation as a necessary, effective and respectful tool for resolving conflicts and managing the social complexity in today’s world.
The name Extrafondente expresses all this for us with its resonance of a delicious blend of high quality ingredients.